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We believe the best ideas and capacity to address global development challenges already exist among local leaders worldwide. Through trusted field partners, we find and listen to local leaders and their project ideas for development, connecting them with investment and opportunity. Prioritizing those often marginalized, we favor investing in women-led efforts, and projects that target improved outcomes for women and girls.

Invest Resources

To date, World Connect has invested more than $5 million in over 1,600 projects across 42 countries. Our investments go directly to communities, to launch their own project ideas, and 95% is spent locally. Trusting is key to success.

Measure Progress

We track 400+ indicators of success across our projects and our model using our custom-built database. 95% of our projects achieve their goals, 82% are sustaining their work beyond our investment, and 53% are women-led. Less than 1% of projects have lost funds to misuse.

Spread Success

Our aim is to achieve project-level impact in four sectors – health, educational, environmental, and economic – especially for women and girls, and also to strengthen local leadership, resource mobilization, and social capital. 100% of communities co-invest cash in their projects, and 83% of projects have generated additional local development. Each project success reveals the tremendous potential of a local approach to global development.

World Connect believes investing upstream weaves the fabric of society more tightly—finding the best leaders and ideas. Our dollars go directly to communities that stand to benefit most, strengthening their capacity to plan, lead and sustain progress.

- George Biddle, World Connect Chairman

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